[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) 'Permission to Dance' MV Shooting Sketch


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    1. BTS

      LOVE 💕💕💕💕😘 BTS 💜💜

    2. liedior

      esto me hace muy fdliz



    4. Gargi V

      I'm so happy they had fun while filming this amazing MV for us!!!!

    5. noviana dita

      Plus namjoon ah

    6. Chrisella Zefanya

      all of them are so handsome i swear

    7. Mark Lester Bamba

      The bunny smile

    8. saboni roy

      Hii bts

    9. Anisha Firoz

      I'm so happy bcoz BTS is happy 💜💜😍

    10. Deep Blue

      I can't stop smiling and feeling so happy watching this video!!!

    11. krisna aji

      i so like bts becues bts is cool

    12. Lavanya Singh

      09:03 rm be like: where are this kid's parents

    13. Sofia Alessandra Velasco


    14. Judith P.

      I’m so glad to see the all of the members having fun filming this MV

    15. Jj

      Shy Jin is showing some skin. He looks GORGEOUS in that white shirt with his broad shoulders showing off his western necklace and his decolletage.

    16. Ni Komang Tri Agustini


    17. Sia Bitar

      The best mv sketch ever!!!😭😭💜💜

    18. Kao Saechao

      juianna 🎤

    19. Kao Saechao

      bts ❤️👯‍♂️

    20. Perla Hernandez

      Aaaaa los amo encerio 😭💜✋

    21. Annette Sharick

      a BTS

    22. عسل همتی

      I just know taehyung will be an amazing dad 👨💜🤧💕😍❤👨💜🤧💕😍❤

    23. عسل همتی


    24. Şeyybet

      JK 🐰

    25. Glair Lopes

      I love this ....

    26. Heal

      Love yourself Relay4333

    27. xunita raii

      That lucky kids, back dancer , cameraman , and makeup artists. 😑

    28. jhaanvi B

      Your wish coming true because everyone luvs permission to dance and enjoying it dancing there's so much freedom in your song

    29. Paula DT


    30. Yaken Asee


    31. bluis gamer

      Bts army😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

    32. shu


    33. Love

      Love yourself Relay4322

    34. Seema Singh

      I just know teahyung will be and amazing dad wow 😘😘

    35. احبتاي

      우리는 너를 사랑해

    36. henna hehe

      쉽게따라하고 같이 즐기는 춤을 원한게 아닌데 방탄의 퍼포랑 음악이 좋아서 입덕한거지 방향이 이상해지네..

    37. Leila Silva

      Eles são realmente muito profissionais no q fazem,amo demais ❤️🥰

    38. BTS the Best

      I looooooooooooooooooooveeeee BTS

    39. سون قون D:

      اخخخخ الاغنية بقلبي 😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜

    40. Mariel C. Nequiz

      BTS siempre sacándome una sonrisa

    41. mèlan

      U dont understand how much i needed this today. eventhough its 3AM GAHAGZUWHZ this bts clips always BRINGS me smile. thank u. ilu my 7.

    42. 김TæTæ

      Omg lo perfectos que se ven

    43. MinSugaGenius

      Hoseok calling Namjoon a tennis ball 💀💀💀

    44. Avri Henderson

      Mis Angelitos SIEMPRE Dando Lo Mejor, Gracias Por El Esfuerzo Que Dan, Gracias Por Dar Lo Mejor De Ustedes Y Siempre Sacarnos Una Sonrisa Gracias Por Todo. Mis 7 CHICOS MARAVILLOSOS, LOS AMO CON TODO MI CORAZÓN TE AMO TAEHYUNG ♥️. Gracias Chicos.

    45. Chika Aprillia Effendy

      aaaaak my jiminnnnnn!!!!! you look so cuteeee

    46. Bala Ramanje

      Hi BTS I am from India I will come South Korea I will see I will come and see your BDS entertainment

    47. Rahma Erian


    48. Tatiane Sousa


    49. BTS_army💜

      J-hope (。・//ε//・。)

    50. BTS_army💜

      J-hope ( ◜‿◝ )♡

    51. BTS_army💜


    52. BtsTÜrkyArmy

      Seni çok seviyoruz ve seni destekliyoruz j hope biz senin yanındayızWe love you and support you j hope we are by your sidewe love you so muchI would say if there is no bts but I can't imagine please continue we are with you always as army

    53. 미니

      퍼미션 투 댄스 🕺

    54. مصطفى


    55. Shoffi Hanifa

      Director: More lovely vibes please! Jimin: I'm so lovely! My head: I'M SO LOVELY, YOU'RE SO LOVELY, WE'RE SO LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    56. Mohammad Asreeq Yusof bin Mohammad Sufri

      They don't really look happy on the intro

    57. Joy Gonzales

      I love the thought that they uses sign languages in the choreography 😭💜💜

    58. Ronti Sitinjak

      BTS 🤩🥰💜💜💜💜💜💜

    59. Nafisa Tabassum


    60. {I'm rokya}

      احبكم I love you all Je vous aime hepinizi seviyorum te quiero todo Eu amo todos vocês من همه شما را دوست دارم σας αγαπώ όλους я люблю всех вас 나는 너를 모두 사랑해 我爱你们 vi amo tutti

    61. {I'm rokya}


    62. Together

      Peace in Myanmar1065

    63. Good Luck

      Love yourself Relay4311

    64. Tasilma Tasilma

      Wow you bts 💜

    65. Knarik POGHOSYAN


    66. Hrishita in wonderland

      Great for summer, thx BTS Imma make a dance of Permission to dance my own steps so pla watch it🍉🍈

    67. April loe


    68. geraldine huaccachi salazar

      Que hermosos se ven alegres.

    69. Mochimin

      Hello everybody! I hope everyone has had an amazing day🥺 I made a dance for the challenge and it would mean the world to me if you guys could check it out and maybe even give it a like 👉🏻👈🏻🥺 I very badly want to be picked for the compilation video it would make me very happy💕

    70. Keyla

      Ahh amo verlos sonreír

    71. mirna vanina Malizia

      Lindos los amoooo y además me encanta su voz me encanta como bailan como cantan todo lo de ellos

    72. Gitata

      Unggi mulai aktiff ya bun

    73. Unicorn Magic

      Jhope , Suga ,RM :Sperling Taekook : Singing in the backgruond

    74. WIZARD ______

      Power bts 🔥🔥

    75. ㅇ

      너ㅁㅜ 귀여워...졸귀소년단...

    76. Amy Massing

      I wanna play tennis with my mum and dad Jin rm

    77. Amanda keisya Aurelia

      It's very fun

    78. Lesly Zuñiga

      ✨Tenis✨ 😍😍😍😍

    79. 소 남군💜💜💜

      More handsome and cute jk💜💜😍😍

    80. 박지민

      😭💐 los amo demasiado chicos, gracias por esto de verdad.

    81. Влада Филенко


    82. Tia Hasanah Azizah


    83. Anya pradnya

      We don't need to permission to dance~

    84. 山のたんぽぽ

      \ / \ / V

    85. Noor Min

      This song was the best song in making people happy from bts songs .i could feel the joy of freedom just watching the mv

    86. sftyberry

      The Kids are so damn lucky😫jk but the kids look so cute too with facemask

    87. nicnic

      8:35 armys gonna start making taemin as parents ffs HAHAHAHAAA quite cute tho also me bawling over that fact that these kids are luckier than me

    88. 🇰🇷💜Nawal saad 💜🇰🇷

      ارمي للابد

    89. Connect

      Peace in Myanmar1057

    90. Just Me

      I’m always so captivated by Jimin’s smile. He is such a sweetheart.